There is a mandatory $50 fee to surrender an adult cat.  No exceptions.

We recognize that circumstances change and hardships arise and surrendering your pet is sometimes the only option available.  Knowing how difficult the decision to give up your pet can be, we recommend carefully considering all options, and the following, before surrendering your pet.

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What types of animals does Arizona Small Dog Rescue take in?
We accept small breed companion animals regardless of age or medical condition.

What does “surrendering” an animal mean?
By surrendering your pet to AZSDR, you are giving up ownership of and responsibility for that pet to the Arizona Small Dog Rescue so we can complete medical care and get the dog adopted to another family.

What happens to the pet I bring to AZSDR?
Animals will undergo medical examinations and behavior evaluations to determine what kind of adopter would be best for the dog.

Can you guarantee the animal I bring to AZSDR will be adopted?
Please know that we are committed to providing all AZSDR dogs with the best care possible, as our goal is to place your pet in a loving and safe home.

Is Arizona Small Dog Rescue a “no-kill” shelter?
Yes, we are a NO KILL shelter.

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