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Small Dog Rescue in Phoenix, AZAt Arizona Small Dog Rescue, we’re proud to be a nonprofit, no-kill dog rescue shelter in Phoenix. We’re a team of passionate volunteers and staff committed to saving the lives of small dogs across the Valley.

We take in owner surrenders, small dogs, large or small breed puppies, moms and pups, and save countless dogs from kill shelters and overcrowded organizations. Our team also helps find forever homes for our sheltered animals, and facilitates fostering, volunteering, and handles many different veterinarian services for the dogs in our care.

About Us:
  • Run by committed volunteers and staff
  • Member Alliance of Arizona NonProfits
  • Named a 2020 Top-Rated Nonprofit by Great NonProfits
  • Nonprofit, registered 501(c)3
  • No-kill shelter

Dog Shelter in Phoenix, AZ

Committed Small Dog Rescue

From pet microchipping to socializing and caring for the animals in our shelter, we accomplish quite a bit for our furry friends! Finding a forever home is of course the ultimate goal for each dog in our care, but all of the steps leading up to it need to be handled as well. That means finding foster homes when necessary, needed medical care no matter the cost for the dogs in our care, feeding, bathing, and all of the other little chores that go into keeping the animals in our care safe and happy while being up for adoption.

Our main functions are:
  • Adoption
  • Fostering
  • Pet Microchipping

Without the support of generous donations from caring individuals like you, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we do. We stretch your donations as far as possible and practice good stewardship of our finances to be as effective as we can be. If you’re interested in donating either financially or with supplies, we’re eternally grateful to receive your support.

Dog Rescue in Phoenix and Across the Valley

Saving the lives of small dogs and finding the perfect families to pair them with is what we’re passionate about! Our team of volunteers and staff works around the clock to save as many animals as we can, and we’re always more than happy to answer any of your questions. If you’re interested in adopting a dog, volunteering, donating, or fostering, please contact us today!

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2022 Annual Impact Report

2022 Lifesaving percentage of AZSDR = 98.9%

(This percentage is calculated by taking the ADOPTIONS + RETURNS TO OWNERS + RESCUE TRANSFERS, then dividing that by the TOTAL OUTTAKE NUMBER.)