May 25, 2021

Becoming a foster dog parent is a great way that you can help improve a pet’s life and prepare them for their “forever” home. Opening your home and heart to a foster dog also helps take the pressure off shelters and animal rescues whose space and resources may be stretched thin. Here is why you should consider fostering a homeless pet for Arizona Small Dog Rescue in Phoenix.

Making a Difficult Situation Easier for Dogs Awaiting Adoption

Being in an animal shelter can cause an extreme amount of anxiety. Some dogs may have special needs or experience kennel stress that causes them to shut down emotionally and physically. By becoming a foster dog parent, you can provide a respite from the shelter environment for dogs that need a quiet place or extra attention, including:

  • Senior dogs
  • Dogs recovering from abuse
  • Pregnant mothers
  • Mothers with pups
  • Young puppies without mothers
  • Dogs with health issues

What If You Already Have Pets?

Some of the best foster pet parents are those who already own a pet or two. However, if you already have pets in your home, you need to consider their needs and keep them safe. Before starting your journey as a foster parent, speak to your vet to make sure that your pets are properly vaccinated. It is possible that your pets could be exposed to communicable diseases such as kennel cough or parvo that vaccinations can protect them from. Ask your vet what they recommend as a safe quarantine period from your other pets.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Foster Parent?

Being a foster dog parent can truly change an animal’s life. You can take pride in helping a pet in need as you help them transition to a permanent living situation. If you become a foster parent, we’ll partner you with a coordinator who will help pair you with the right pet and help you schedule the veterinary care that it needs while in your care.

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