June 21, 2021
Dog Adoption in Phoenix, Arizona

Adopting a dog is truly a beautiful experience. The love that the pet parent and the dog provide to one another is incredible. In order to adopt your own precious dog, you’ll need to navigate the adoption process.

Check out the Dogs

The first step is to visit the website to check out what dogs are available. While browsing through the pages, you can learn a bit about each pooch’s disposition, age, and history. For example, you might want to find a dog that has lived with cats before. Paying attention to these details can help expedite the process.

Submit an Application

Once you have found the dog that you want to apply for, you’ll need to fill out the application. Keep in mind that the application may very well ask you for referrals, so you’ll need a relative or friend who can vouch for your responsibility as a pet owner. You may need to provide contact information for your vet as well. Reading through the application before you start filling the document out is a good idea so that you know what type of information to gather.

Have a Visit

If your application is successful in getting to the next step, you’ll likely then be invited to schedule a visit with the dog. Find out if your other pets should be present during the visit so that you can see how the pups interact. During the visit, the rescue may want to check out certain features of your home, such as whether or not you have a fence around the yard. The visit offers you the opportunity to truly see if you and the dog are the right fit for one another.

Adopting a dog through Arizona Small Dog Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona, is certainly a rewarding experience. The application process allows both you and us to see if the fit is right. Our rescue group also offers other services, such as microchipping and surrenders. To learn more, give the Arizona Small Dog Rescue a call today to speak with a representative.

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