January 13, 2022
Dog Owner Resolutions in Phoenix, AZ

Each New Year’s Day, many people make resolutions related to their own health and wellness. For the coming new year, try something a little different. Consider the special dog in your life and whether or not there are some changes that could help your pet be healthier and happier. Making a New Year’s resolution that involves your pet will help you provide the best possible care for your loyal companion.

1. Walk Your Dog Every Day

After a busy day at work, school or running errands, you may feel too tired to walk your dog. However, outdoor activity is key for your dog’s health. If you can’t do one long walk, break it up into an early morning and an evening walk. Consider adding an extra walk if your dog is overweight.

2. Keep Up With Regular Vet Checkups

It’s easy to overlook the annual veterinary checkup for your dog. If your dog seems fine, you might figure you can skip this visit. However, many chronic health conditions can be detected during routine vet checkups. Dogs can get arthritis, hip dysplasia or autoimmune disorders that affect their health and lifespan. Resolve to make and keep this important annual appointment.

3. Play With Your Dog More

Dogs are intelligent animals. If they’re bored, they’re likely to engage in behaviors that you don’t find acceptable, such as chewing on household items or barking incessantly. Make the time to play more with your dog. This type of physical and mental stimulation allows your dog to use their energy. Playing with your dog could also give your mood a boost. Try playing fetch with a Frisbee, go on hikes on new dog-friendly trails, or visit a dog park.

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